Why join us?

We welcome applications from experienced professionals who:

  • are involved in the design and/or construction/commissioning of any project involving instrumentation and control systems;
  • design or use scientific instruments in all aspects of science and engineering.

The benefits for you

Each member has his or her own reasons for joining. Often it is a simple desire to give something back to a profession about which they are passionate. When you become a member you will:

  • have access to our extensive pool of knowledge for networking, careers advice;
  • and genuine friendship. Our membership is our biggest asset;
  • keep up to date with the latest technologies and initiatives within our industry through our SIMposia and lectures throughout the year;
  • keep up to date through close links with professional bodies and societies;
  • help to influence government policy in the scientific instrumentation sector through lobbying and consultation on regulatory policy;
  • enjoy banquets, dinners, livery events and visits;
  • help to uphold and maintain the longevity of the scientific instrument industry through educational scholarships, bursaries, grants and apprenticeships;
  • gain admission into the City of London’s organisations, traditions and heritage.

For further information, you can download our latest leaflet from the side bar.

Which level of membership?

If you have been practising for more than eight years after graduating, you are most likely a candidate to become a Liveryman. Less experienced candidates should expect to join as Freeman. If you are a GCSE student then you may be eligible to become an apprentice. Further into your academic training, post graduate and post doctoral awards are available.

Full details of each category of membership and application forms are available.