Master Aubrey Dunford & Honorary Liveryman Lord Mayor Elect Michael Mainelli

Honorary members

Honorary Liverymen of the Company

The Hon. Liverymen below have all been recognised for their service to the wider community of scientific instrumentation.

Lord Daniel Finklestein OBE

Peter Hinchliffe

Sir James Hough OBE

Prof Michael Mainelli (shown above)

Sir Paul Nurse

William D Phillips

Prof David W Rhind CBE

Prof Carlo Rubbia

Sir Alan Yarrow

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell

The second group of Honorary members are Freemen in recognition through service to the Company as Consort or in administration.

Jean Dixon

Annie Robertson

Elizabeth Saunders-Singer

Maureen Smith

Neville Watson (Clerk Emeritus and Hon Liveryman via 20 years service as Clerk)