Our Success Stories

Arkwright Engineering Scholarships and Smallpeice Trust – 2023

The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Awards London 2023

WCSIM sponsors four Arkwright Scholars per year through the Smallpeice Trust for two years. We also invite those Scholars to become Livery Apprentices. The Arkwright Scholarships Trust is an independent UK-wide charity that identifies, inspires and nurtures the country’s future leaders in engineering and technical design. It does this by awarding Scholarships through rigorous selection to outstanding technology-minded school students.

Primary Engineer…the first step

WCSIM have been working with Primary Engineer for a number of years and each year host two events. Firstly, training for teachers to support STEM activities. Secondly, a celebration day to showcase the vehicles the children have designed during the term. The vehicles are tested and the livery mentors and other members interview the children then award prizes for best vehicles and understanding of engineering in various age categories. This is a very inspiring day and shows what wonderful young talent is out there.
We encourage any engineering focussed freemen or Liverymen to become a mentor in this programme.

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