Our mission and purpose

Moving forward, giving back

Our mission
The Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers is a charitable community of scientists, engineers and students. We come together to share knowledge and experience; influence opinion; support each other; enjoy good fellowship and foster the growth of the next generation of scientists.

Our purpose

  • Contribute financially to the education of young engineers and scientists who are proven to be outstanding;
  • Give younger members career advice, mentoring and guidance;
  • Foster good fellowship between people who share a common interest in science and technology through a programme of lectures, visits and social events;
  • Help members benefit from contacts, networks and advice that are of professional, commercial or technological relevance to their work or education;
  • Help members of the livery and their dependants who are in need;
  • Influence the advancement of the instrumentation industry;
  • Support the City of London and Mayoralty and uphold its traditions.