Dress Codes

The picture was taken at the Annual Banquet in 2019 and illustrates White Tie and Black Tie dress codes. Members are also wearing badges of office or status on ribbons.

Livery dinners in the Hall

Black tie dress code applies. This means black dinner jacket and trousers, white shirt and black bow tie for men. Woman may wear a cocktail or long dress or evening trousers. Apprentices who don’t have a dinner jacket may wear a suit and tie.

Annual banquet

White tie dress code is compulsory for members of the Court. This means white waistcoat, white shirt and white bow tie for men with black dress tailcoat. Women should wear long dresses or evening trousers with shoulders covered. Black tie dress code is acceptable for those not on the Court.

Education Trust Supper

Informal, no ties required.

Livery lunches

Business attire/Lounge suits

Lectures, SIMposium, technical and social visits

No dress code unless specified.

Livery Weekend

This is mainly casual dress. There is usually a dinner where the dress code is either lounge suit or black tie. Full details are given when you book.

Badges & Decorations

This means Livery badges of office or Livery status and military or honour awarded by the Queen.

General Advice for Formal Events

For further advice on dress codes please go to the following web sites

Protocol, Etiquette and Dress Codes – Livery Committee website

Dress Codes – Debrett’s website