The Charitable and Educational Trust

Our charitable aims:

  • The relief of any necessitous person who is a member of the Company
  • The relief and/or educational support of dependants of a deceased member
  • Scholarships and prizes to recognise those advancing the design and construction of scientific instruments
  • Grants and donations to charitable organisations promoting education and training in the field of science and technology

The Trust was established by the founders of the company and has benefited from regular donations from liverymen and some substantial legacy gifts. Our fund now stands at over £3M.

Please note that we do not accept requests for general funding of studies but make awards based on recommendations of partner Universities and organisations who have specialisations in instrumentation.

Detail of how we support individuals are available here.

The Trustees

Our Trustees oversee the investment of our funds with the help of investment fund managers who are appointed by the Trustees. They also oversee the spending of the income from the Trust.

The Trustees of the Charity are always the Master and two Wardens of the Company, the Deputy Master and the Honorary Treasurer. Additional Trustees are appointed on a three-year basis. The Clerk acts as Secretary and the Honorary Almoner advises.