Manchester SIM Hub

Manchester Hub meeting

The Manchester SIM Hub met, for a regular meeting at the Wharf Pub, on Tuesday 12th March, with a total of 5 attendees gathering for the meal.

Each SIM member present was from a different scientific discipline, yet we uncovered remarkable synergies, and overlaps, between us.

For me, this interconnectedness encapsulates the essence of being part of the SIM Hub.

Further discussions, included our future involvement in supporting the Manchester Science and Industry Museum, preparations for the upcoming Jodrell Bank visit, and our future informal meetings plus excursions which we have planned in the Manchester area.

In addition, we created a mural board for the whole group. Mural is an interactive online whiteboard, and our Hub vision is to use it to capture our discussions, connections, and ideas in a collaborative space, for all SIM Hub group members. It is an experimental endeavour; lets see how it goes.

Report – Sam White, SIM Hub Lead