New InstMC Award – Cornish Medal

InstMC Awards 2021

Please see the following recently published in the InstMC March newsletter WIRE

We are delighted to announce the inclusion of a brand-new InstMC award – the Cornish Medal – named after Derek Cornish, a former InstMC President, Master of the Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers (WCSIM) and CEO of SIRA.
This award can be given to an individual, group or company that has excelled in some dimension of scientific instrument making within industry, academia and national or international laboratories. For the purposes of the award, the term ‘scientific instrument making’ can be applied to any appropriate domain and can include software as well as hardware; the ‘dimension’ can range throughout the lifecycle of the instrument system.

Nominations Open

Nominations are now open for the InstMC 2021 Awards. These can be made by any member of the Institute, or member of the public, but will not be accepted if anonymous. Is there someone you would like to nominate for one of the following awards?

Sir Harold Hartley Medal – for outstanding contribution to the technology of measurement and control.
Honeywell International Medal – for distinguished work in control or measurement.
Callendar Medal – for an engineer or scientist who has made an outstanding contribution to the art of instruments or measurement.
Oxburgh Medal – for contribution to measurement, instrumentation and control in the field of environmental science and engineering of outstanding merit.
Finkelstein Medal – for notable contributions to measurement internationally.
Cornish Medal (NEW) – for notable contributions to scientific instrument making.

Please submit your nomination in writing to the InstMC Chief Executive,, with a one-page citation explaining why an award is appropriate, by 1st April 2021.