Port and Cheese tasting

Port & Cheese Tasting

By popular request, on Thursday 22 February 2024, the WCSIM held another fun, on-line tasting, in association with LoveCheese from York.

This was another successful and Port & Cheese tasting event, with over thirty SIM members, and one dog, taking part.

Everyone, slowly, and enjoyably, worked their way through five great pairings, together on screen, of the five lovely cheeses, and five delicious ports from LoveCheese.

Each cheese and port, came with informed background notes, which were read out and discussed, as the nibbling and sipping began.

With Martyn Wheatley and Karen Fulton, running the proceedings, there was a lot of banter, fun, gossip, as well as a very enjoyable tasting experience, which we shared from the comfort of our own homes.

Everything for this SIM event, was delivered to our doors by LoveCheese, the day before the Zoom tasting, which kicked off at 7pm on the night, and lasted for the best part of two hours!

When all the happy players were asked if they would like to have another wine and cheese tasting, and maybe this Autumn, there was a resounding YES!

There was even a request to look at the possibility of Argentinian wines………
Martyn in is already on the case.

Do join in, with our next enjoyable SIM Wine & Cheese event.

All the best and see you there!