Andrey Gizdov

Apprentice Andrey Gizdov charity mountain race appeal

Andrey has decided to celebrate his 21st birthday, by competing in a 21-kilometer mountain race with over 2000m of altitude climbing – to raise money for people suffering chronic skin diseases. The race will be from Samokov (a city in Bulgaria) to Musala (the highest peak in the nation). To sponsor please follow the link below.

My purpose is:

=> To raise funds for the organization of a 5-kilometer run in Sofia, focused towards people suffering chronic skin diseases;⠀


=> Because over 400 million people worldwide suffer from chronic skin diseases;

=> Because 98% of them have deteriorating mental health;

=> Because many of them are ashamed go to the beach or even wear short clothes;

I believe that anyone living with a chronic skin disease, and not only, can experience psychological improvements if they start exercising.⠀

By organizing this event, I aim to show people suffering from chronic skin diseases that they can help themselves better than anyone else can! Because when a person has a healthy body, they also have a healthy mind. And a healthy mind, brings confidence to life.⠀

The funds raised will be donated to the “Association of People with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Complications” and used specifically for:

=> Props for outlining the terrain=> Logo design and T-shirt design

=> Making T-shirts for the participants

=> Water and other fresheners for the participants⠀

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone for watching the video and – if you are able – for donating to the cause <3