Gema Gonzalez

Beloe Fellowship

The Company is pleased to announce the award of this year’s Beloe Fellowship to Dr Gema Vera Gonzalez, currently a postdoctoral researcher at Imperial College London. She is working in the area of bioinstrumentation, and has developed a technique which enables the simultaneous selection and monitoring of up to four selected cells in the brain – a multi-patch-clamp technique – which will help to provide further insight into brain functioning. She has automated this difficult and tedious process, increasing too the rate of successful monitoring interventions, and the Beloe Fellowship will help her to continue to work on this automation process, as well as the wider dissemination of this novel work. The interview panel was impressed by Gema’s enthusiasm, scientific rigour and drive, and trust that she will have the opportunity to discuss her work in person with Apprentices, Freemen and Liverymen at future events at Glazier’s Hall and elsewhere.