Charles Dickens School

Charles Dickens School update

Each year we support a number of local schools in Southwark. Below is a report from the Charles Dickens School.

Our STEM focus this year been on improving our computing curriculum and resourcing.  The lockdowns in 2020 and 2021 highlighted the poor computer literacy of many families and we have been working hard to address this.  We received government laptops for our most disadvantaged families and had to lend school ones to many more.

Our new Computing Lead, Adam Smith, has redesigned our computing curriculum.  As the children progress up the school, they will learn about key topics from online safety to computational thinking and coding.  These are the themes we have been focusing on this term:

  • Year 1 and 2: What is a computer?
  • Year 3: Networks and the internet
  • Year 4: Collaborative learning
  • Year 5: Search engines
  • Year 6: Bletchley Park

Your donation has enabled us to:

  • Buy additional laptops so that every child in a class of 30 is able to access their computing lesson at the same time
  • Invest in Kapow Primary curriculum resources
  • Fund Python coding training for key staff members

Many children say that computing is one of their favourite lessons in the timetable.  Teachers report that they feel more confident teaching computing and that have noticed that the children’s digital literacy has improved significantly.

So please accept a huge thank you on behalf of the Charles Dickens community!