Ron Howard Memorial Dinner 2022

Past Master Ron Howard most kindly bequested a sum of money to the Livery, to be spent on an annual dinner for members of the Court and their consorts.

This year’s dinner was arranged by our Clerk Emeritus Neville Watson.  The 17th May was overcast with a threat of rain, and a bit cold for the time of year, but as we arrived at Berry Bros & Rudd No.3 St James’s Street we were met and cheered up by a glass(es) of fine champagne and some excellent hors d’oevres.

After a suitable interlude, during which Past Master Ken Saunders made a lovely speech thanking Caroline the Master’s Consort for her support of the Livery, we were called to dinner in the Sussex Cellar.  Surrounded by many cellars containing hundreds of thousands of bottles, we suspected that it would be a special evening – with no shortage of good wine.

We were not disappointed: A 2018 Meursault with the cured seabass on blood orange escabeche; a 2019 Nicolas-Jay pinot noir from Oregon to accompany the saddle of venison; the sweet 2013 Tokaji Aszú for the black cherry with iced pistachio parfait; and a 1994 Warre’s Port to round off dinner.

Whilst we were enjoying the port, Past Master Sir Ivor Cohen gave a wonderfully entertaining talk about Ron Howard, and then the Master gave a short speech to thank the Clerk Emeritus and those who had attended, and to wish everyone a safe journbey home.