Shrieval Candidates

Do you know who the Shrieval Candidates are this year.? Watch this video and find out. Every Every year Liveryman of a years standing may vote for the Sherriff’s and Lord Mayor at Common Hall. The former election takes place in June and the latter in  September. Sometimes there are more candidates than places and other times they match. Voting takes place in the Guildhall by  a show of hands and is a little piece of history. The one time I have seen this contested a secret ballot was held, and the result was the same. All Lord Mayors have been Sherriff’s but not all Sherriff’s become Lord Mayor.  Places at Common Hall this 24 June are limited and at present only the Master and Junior Warden are attending but you may like to view this as a practice run for the Mayoral Election in the Autumn. Attached is a link to a video of this years Shrievel  candidates