WCSIM Manchester Hub meeting

WCSIM Hub Manchester September 23

The recent Manchester SIM Hub meeting, four members attended: David, Irene, Mason and myself. We had a good catchup and great discussions on a number of topics including space, robotics, technology, physics, global politics and travel.

They ask that those living or working in the Manchester area make themselves known to the Clerk’s Office when booking the Admission Court dinner on 19 October and every effort will be made to sit you together.
Our intention is to lock in a date for a gathering in the north-west at the dinner. We would like this to centre on an activity. I am going to see if we can get a visit to Heysham nuclear power plant. Mason, a tour of his Manchester lab. David and Irene suggested some curators of science museums may be able to offer a bespoke tour too. Our belief is that by meeting people in person and offering an occasion more exciting than a meal in a pub will help to kick start the hub.
Sam White