Bridget Donaldson

Networking in the Livery

All Party Parliamentary Engineering Group and Freeman Bridget Donaldson

Past Master Ken Sanders is a member of a Parliamentary working group, the All Party Parliamentary Engineering Group. It stages discussions over luncheon or dinner, in the House of Lords, on various engineering topics, to try and excite politicians from both houses, to take an interest in Engineering. It is a good networking forum, and he the opportunity to take a number of our Apprentices and Freemen to participate.

During the Pandemic, events are virtual and the March event was on the topic of Low Carbon Aviation. One of the speakers was Paul Stein, Chief Technology Officer at Rolls Royce.

One of the Livery attendees, Freeman Bridget Donaldson who has a keen interest in the topic, asked after the event if it would be possible to have a conversation with Paul. Ken was able to facilitate that with the organisers, with a very positive outcome.

Bridget reported that a further conversation went well and she is now in talks with Rolls Royce over working together on future research.