Primary Engineer Training Day

Primary Engineer Training Day, 3rd February 2023, Glaziers Hall

WCSIM continued the partnership with Primary Engineer for a fourth year after many disruptions due to Covid-19.  True to form there was a train strike on the day!  However, all but two schools made it to Glaziers Hall but unfortunately four of the engineering mentors could not.

The aim of the day is to give the resources to teachers to better deliver STEM in the classroom via a model car building project.  This is at two levels, a simple shoe box design for younger children and a powered version for older primary pupils.  SIM engineering mentors worked with their allocated schools to construct the cars then test them out using a ramp. Click here to see a short video.

Nick Donnelly from PE, an ex primary school teacher, did a wonderful job of explaining how to incorporate both technical skills and technical language into the project at the same time making it really fun and inspiring.

From a SIM point of view, we also wanted to engage engineering focussed members from Apprentices, Freemen and Liverymen in actively participating in the “Giving Back” ethos of the company.  The mentors will then work with their allocated schools during the term to produce enhanced cars in the classroom with the children

The result of their efforts will then be judged at the Hall on the 16th June 2023 with the children, teachers and mentors all taking part.  The judging will be by our senior Livery members.

The schools invited were all local schools most of which had not taken part on previous years or which had, had the course disrupted by Covid.


Ashmole Primary

Brookfield Primary

Archdeacon Primary

Canary Wharf College

Albion Primary

Horniman Primary

St. Winifred’s RC Primary

Hawley Primary

Rangefield and Dalmain schools could not attend but will take part in a virtual training day in March.

WCSIM members who took part on the day:

Tom Heywood, Philo Wadell, Martyn Wheatley, Michael Gucluer, Aubrey Dunford and Jane Fishwick. Michael made an heroic effort to get to the Hall by leaving home at 5.30am!

Those who couldn’t attend due to the strike but will continue with the project:

Roger Goldsbrough, Oliver Bridge, Andy Augousti and Ian Gilbert

I would like to thank all who participated to make this a great day.  We look forward to seeing the final model cars at the Celebration Day in June.

If you would like to be a mentor next February please contact me especially if you are an apprentice or Freeman doing and engineering degree or are working as an engineer, we need more volunteers.

Jane Fishwick

Court Assistant


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