Three Masters

January Court Dinner – Report from Master Water Conservator

As Master of the Water Conservators I had the great pleasure to be invited to the Court Dinner of the Scientific Instrument Makers along with the Master Farmer and the Master Mariner (Master Water Conservator, Scientific Instrument Maker and Mariner above).  I was warmly welcomed by members of the Company and we had fascinating discussions on the monitoring of water quality in rivers and the discharges from sewage works, farming and industry.  We also discussed the management of data and communications with the public.

Support for the next generation at City, University of London

City, which received its royal charter in 1966 and became a part of the University of London five decades later, has always been held in high and proprietorial regard by the City of London, with the position of Rector reserved to the serving Lord Mayor.  So it was that, on 16 January, fifteen Worshipful Company Masters from the City, including myself, made our way to the Barbican to witness the installation of the Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor Alderman Nicholas Lyons as Rector of “our” University.

Freeman Jana Skirnewskaja, Master Philip Thomas, Liveryman Mike Belton & SIM banner at Lord Mayors Show 2022

WCSIM at the Lord Mayor’s Show

What could be better than a stroll in the warm, autumn sunshine, through the heart of the City, with no cars to bother you, because, thoughtfully, all the roads have been closed to traffic, just to preserve your peace of mind?  Indeed, why not march down the centre of the road, and get a once-in-a-lifetime view of the striking buildings on either side?  Add in the crowds, who are standing four deep next to the road and cheering you on, and your stately progress verges on the royal!